Photographing Children - A Self-Paced Online Class

Photographing Children – A Self-Paced Online Class + One Hour of Personalized Video Review

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Photographing Children – A Self-Paced Online Class provides the skills, creative insights, and technical know-how required to capture spirited portraits of children in timeless photographs. ­

Join this exciting self-paced online class and learn to capture children naturally — honest-beyond-the-cliché photographs. The class includes four personalized video critiques.

Topics Include

  • Camera fundamentals (ISO, shutter, aperture, white balance, exposure modes)
  • Equipment essentials 
  • Action photos and lifestyle and environmental portraits
  • Posing and rapport strategies
  • Composition, color theory, and wardrobe
  • High-key and low-key strategies (exposure compensation)
  • Natural light – intensity and direction
  • Supplemental light: reflectors and fill flash
  • Location and background considerations