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Exploring Color - A Self Paced Online Class

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Exploring Color is an online photo class designed for all levels of photographers and visual artists and provides the foundations of color theory pertinent to digital image making. Interesting and evocative lessons are coupled with revealing assignments. Cheryl Machat Dorskind has been teaching this online photography class, Exploring Color (formerly known as All About Color) for over ten years to rave reviews. Cheryl Machat Dorskind is known for her deep and insightful critiques and her knowledge of photography and color. 

Color creates a sense of time, place, and emotion. Color uplifts and depresses; instills fear and wonder. Color whether loud or soft tells a story. An understanding of color theory, color temperature, and color’s psychological properties is key to becoming a successful visual artist. Color (including black and white) often makes or breaks a photograph and it follows that to create artful and compelling images, a photographer should learn about color. Understanding color will undoubtedly unleash your creative eye and improve your photographic communication.

Digital photographers control at least 16,780 million colors, so it is essential to know when and why to use a color and which colors(s) make the most sense. It is a “use it and don’t abuse it” philosophy that is essential for a successful digital photo workflow. Join Cheryl Machat Dorskind and learn all about color and harness a trusted and tasteful eye. The outcome of the online class is an enriching experience, an enhanced eye for color and the environment. You will learn when (time of day, white balance), how (lens choice, camera angle, aperture, ISO, post-processing tips) and why (what is the right saturation mix, the correct background color, props and clothing choices, and juxtapositions) to use the “right” colors to create compelling photographs.